January 22

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Morning Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 106:1-3

Adoration: I Sing the Mighty Power of God - Hymn #11

Confession & Assurance: 

Before the Throne of God Above - Hymn #599

Intercession: Scripture Reading – Romans 12:1-8

Pastoral Prayer

Thanksgiving: Surely He Will Care For Me 

Preparation for the Word: How Great Thou Art

- Hymn #28

(Children may be dismissed to Children’s Church after this song.)

Preaching of the Word: All to Jesus

Response to the Word: Prayer

I Surrender All - Hymn #476

All to Jesus 

Pastor Cameron Pollock, Psalm 139

      I.         God knows all about you, give your all to him (vv. 1-6). 

A. God’s knowledge of you is personal.

B. God’s knowledge of you is comprehensive.

C. God’s knowledge of you is eternal.

D. God’s knowledge of you is transcendent. 

     II.         God is always with you, give your all to him (vv. 7-12). 

A. God’s presence with you is personal. 

B. God’s presence with you is comprehensive. 

C. God’s presence with you is eternal. 

D. God’s presence with you is transcendent. 

   III.         God planned all your days, give your all to him (vv. 13-18). 

A. God’s plan for you is personal. 

B. God’s plan for you is comprehensive. 

C. God’s plan for you is eternal. 

D. God’s plan for you is transcendent.

   IV.         God deserves your love, give your all to him (vv. 19-24). 

A. Love God more than the enemy outside you.

B. Love God more than the enemy inside you.

Evening Service

Welcome and Announcements


More And More Like You - Songbook

Channels Only - Hymn #521

Scripture Reading – Psalm 93

Light Of God – Songbook

(Children may be dismissed to Children’s Church after this song.)

Message:  The Tongue is an Evil Fire


Nearer, Still Nearer - Hymn #511

The Tongue is an Evil Fire 

Pastor Cameron Pollock, James 3:6-12

      I.         The tongue is destructive because it is evil (vs. 6). 

A.    The tongue spews the evil of the world. 

B.    The tongue feeds off demonic power.

    II.         The tongue is an untamable creature because it is evil (vv. 7-8). 

A.    Evil is never tamed.

B.    Evil is never safe. 

C.   Evil speech is unfitting for Christians.

   III.         The tongue is transformed by God’s grace.

A.    Ask for wisdom from God.

B.    Embrace wisdom from God.

C.   Live out wisdom for God.