Pastor David Whitcomb

Senior Pastor

Pastor David was reared in a pastor's home. In fact, he is a third-generation pastor following his grandfather's, father's, and two uncles' examples. He and Patty met shortly after high school and were married about a year later. Being married only about a year, God impressed on David's heart the need to prepare for the preaching ministry. Three degrees later, he was somewhat prepared. David and Patty have enjoyed the privilege of rearing three sons, two of whom are also in ministry positions in distant locations. They also enjoy visiting their nine grandchildren when the opportunity is available. Their chief desire is to make the Bible plain and easy to understand for the people God has graciously brought under their influence. Through 39 years of preaching ministry (5 years part-time, 34 years full-time), David has become unwaveringly convinced that it is God's plan to change people through the teaching and application of His eternal Word. It is ourjoy to unpack Bible truths as often as people will listen. Our other favorite pastime is remodeling our house, which most people see as an unending endeavor kind of like "remodeling" people. 

Pastor Andrew Lee

Education Pastor

Andrew grew up in Lafayette, IN. At the age of four, having heard the gospel many times in his home and at church, he realized that Christ had willingly died to pay for his sin, and he trusted in Christ's payment alone for salvation. Under the influence of his youth pastor in high school, he began to spend time daily reading God's Word. God used this to give him a desire to minister to others in a similar way. After graduation from high school, Andrew completed a B.A. in Bible from Bob Jones University and a M.S. in Counseling and M.Div. at Bob Jones Seminary. Andrew met his wife Elizabeth in college, and they were married after graduating. They have 3 little boys. Andrew loves spending time with his family, whether that means calmly reading a book together on the couch or enthusiastically charging into a pretend battle. He also enjoys running, cycling, and hiking. His goal as Education Pastor is to support the parents at Community by providing programs for the children's and youth ministries that will help lay a Biblical foundation that kids can use in the future. This not only involves telling Bible stories, but also teaching God's Word in such a way that they will allow it to guide their decisions for the rest of their lives. He is also passionate about encouraging our church members to be discipling one another and making disciples in the community around us.